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       Ala Carte purchases can be made at the High School and at Grant Middle School.  The items available have changed to reflect the new nutritional guidelines that we are expected to follow.  This means that some items will no longer be available or may be in a smaller portion size.  An example would be instead of offering regular potato chips, the selection will now be a baked potato chip or baked Doritoes.  Sodas are never available for sale during the school day.  Carbonated, flavored waters, juices, milks and Gatorades will still be an option.  French fries will be available in compliance with the portion guidelines.  If you would like more information on Ala Carte items and the guidelines, check out the links under the Nutrition and Wellness tab.

 Winnie Brewer, Food Service Director

Marion City Schools
Lincoln Center
Marion, OH 43302

The Marion City Schools is proud of our students and their achievements in academics, sports, music, and all endeavors. We strive to provide the best educational experiences possible.