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Marion Harding High School prepares students for success not only in school but in life.

Harding focuses on college/career ready skills while continuing to encourage leadership and personalized learning. The district has created several programs to prepare students for life after high school.

Here are some of the programs.

Diploma Plus Acceptance

The district’s Diploma Plus Acceptance initiative works to ensure that all graduates leave Harding with their high school diplomas plus acceptance into one of four areas:

  • Two- or four-year colleges or universities
  • Adult education or apprenticeships
  • Sustainable-wage jobs
  • Armed forces

The district, in partnership with community representatives and local educators, has identified three career clusters that are the best fit to the Marion area. Clusters identified include:

  • Arts, business and communication
  • Automation, manufacturing and engineering
  • Health and public service

Career Pathways

Advanced career pathways mix academic and technical content to prepare students for more options after high school. They offer opportunities for dual credit and lead to an industry-recognized credential, advanced training, or an associate’s degree.

Career pathways at Harding include global logistics, Army JROTC, exercise science, early childhood education, health technologies and integrated production technologies.

Simulated Workplace

Students in a simulated workplace classroom gain experiences similar to what they would in the workplace. Students create mock companies, allowing them to learn as those they were on the job. The companies must meet quality and productivity standards similar to what a real-world company would have to meet.

The district invites local business and industrial representatives to rate each training program’s work environment, safety procedures, processes and skill set attainments.

Community leaders and educators meet to discuss how to meet the community's needs.

Graduate Pathways to Success

Graduate Pathways to Success, a partnership between Marion City Schools and Marion Technical College, lets high school students experience college while still in high school. They get to take college classes for free.

Students admitted into GPS receive extra coaching and support along the way starting with a summer course that prepares them to take classes at Marion Technical College.

Presidential Pathways

Marion City Schools recognizes that many of our students may face obstacles once they enter college or start a job. That's why the district launched the Presidential Pathways program to offer additional support after high school graduation.

Advisors contact students at least three times during the year after graduation to provide them encouragement and advice. They can match students up with safety net programs if needed or help them re-direct their efforts to be successful.

Partnerships with the Community

All of this and more is made possible because of Harding’s partnerships with the community. That includes educational institutions, businesses and organizations.

Harding and Marion City Schools thank representatives from area businesses, schools and organizations that work with us to identify needs in the Marion area. We appreciate your effort to give us feedback on how we are meeting these needs.

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