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Marion City Schools 

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The Marion City School District proudly serves more than 4,800 students from preschool through 12th grade. We make it our mission to inspire a community of achievement by focusing on the building blocks crucial to students’ success.


The district is implementing an aggressive reform effort based upon four pillars to improve performance at all grade levels. Our ultimate goal is to reach every student and to add to the size and quality of Marion County’s workforce, a win-win for students, businesses and the community.


Literacy Collaborative

Much of the foundation of success lies on the ability to read, write and communicate effectively. We use a framework developed by the Literacy Collaborative at The Ohio State University to make sure students gain these needed literacy skills.


Instruction is provided in individualized settings, small groups, and large groups so that we address students’ different learning styles. Literacy Collaborative teachers receive professional development from literacy coaches placed in each elementary school and Grant Middle School. Teachers undergo 30 hours of professional development each year.


Next Generation Learning Environments

Mathematics presents a significant challenge for many students. We are implementing a Next Generation Learning Environment model to ensure students are learning and using the concepts. The model emphasizes personalized learning, inviting students to take ownership of their own learning as teachers use technology to make it engaging. Interactive teaching enables teachers to adapt to students’ different learning paces and styles. Students’ progress is measured by their achievement of goals and more help is provided when needed.

The Leader in Me
Industry and business leaders are stressing the need for "soft skills" like being able to work together in teams, solve problems and communicate effectively. We are answering their call by implementing The Leader in Me, a whole school transformation model based upon the work of Stephen Covey.
The Leader in Me takes concepts shared in "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and breaks them down into a concept easily understood by children. The program teaches 21st century leadership and life skills while creating a culture of student empowerment based upon the idea that all students can be leaders. Benjamin Harrison, Garfield, Hayes and McKinley elementary schools and Grant Middle School currently use The Leader in Me model. Taft and George Washington elementary schools and Harding High School are preparing to implement it in 2016.
Diploma Plus
These pillars lay the foundation for Diploma Plus, the district's fourth pillar, as we prepare students for success after graduation. Marion City Schools is working with business and community leaders and EDWorks, a company dedicated to helping students better prepare for success in college, to create pathways to engage students in education opportunities. The goal is that every student leave the district with either acceptance into a two- or four-year college or university, an apprenticeship, a training program or acceptance into the military or a high-paying industry. 
The vision of Marion City Schools is to:
  • Provide an innovative and rigorous instructional model to ensure each student's academic and personal development.
  • Collaboratively establish a safe, respectful and caring environment that promotes student learning.
  • Establish processes to communicate and collaborate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Manage and prioritize human and financial resources effectively to meet district goals.