Scheduling is a very important process in a student's career. Each student needs to focus on the following in order to select the right classes/schedule for them:
  1. Student's goals and aspirations
  2. State mandated graduation requirements
  3. Student's strengths and interests

January 17th and 18th

  1. All Scheduling Day
    1. Students receive scheduling sheet.
    2. Students choose what courses they would like to take and talk with their teachers for course recommendations.
      1. The Scheduling Sheet contains core classes as well as electives, AP, CCP and honors courses.
    3. Sheet must be turned in by the end of the day.

January 19th

  1. Presidential Planning Fair
    1. 5-7 PM at the High School

January 19th-25th

  1. Counselors will input student course selections into powerschool for the 202017-18 school year.

January 26th and 27th

  1. 8th Grade Scheduling
    1. High School and Middle School Counselors will be at Grant scheduling 8th grade students into powerschool for the 2017-18 school year

January 30th- March 24th
  1. We have completed our all-scheduling day and have entered most students' initial course requests. We will now begin meeting with each student one-on-one to make sure that they are selecting the appropriate courses for next year and to give them any paperwork that is required for certain classes. Once we meet with your student, they will be given a copy of their requests to bring home for your review and signature.
  1. ** Students interested in taking CCP courses through OSUM, both at HHS and at the OSUM campus, need to:
  1. submit a signed CCP Intent to Enroll form
  2. make sure they have taken the ACT by the April 8th test date (reg. deadline is March 3) and receive a college-ready score.
  3. complete the online OSU Academy application.
  4. notify your counselor so that any remaining paperwork can be submitted.
  5. contact Louis Hominga at OSUM to select available courses (Louis will be available to meet with students at HHS). 740-389-6786
  1. ** Students interested in taking CCP courses through MTC, both at HHS and at the MTC campus, need to --
  1. submit a signed CCP Intent to Enroll form
  2. make sure they have taken either the ACT by the April 8th test date OR have taken the Accuplacer exam to determine college-readiness.
  3. complete the MTC CCP paper application and turn it back into your counselor.
  4. notify your counselor so that any remaining paperwork can be submitted.
  5. contact Tiffany Wade at MTC to make sure that you have completed all required steps and to select available courses. 740-389-4636
    1. ** Students interested in taking Advanced Placement (AP) Courses, need to--
      1. submit a signed AP Form at the bottom of the page

    1. ** Students interested in attending Tri-Rivers Career Center must complete the online application by Feb. 15.
Please feel free to contact the Guidance Office if you have any questions about what courses your student still needs for graduation or if you would like to set up a scheduling meeting.

May 1st

  • The goal is for students to have a paper copy of their schedule by May.

  • Students have until the end of the 2016-17 school year to make changes to their schedule for the 2015-16 school year
  • Download the 2017-18schedule change sheet

    A. Graduation requirements

    1. Students must meet both testing requirements and curriculum requirements in order to earn a diploma.

    2. 21 Total credits are required for graduation.
    a. English/Language Arts - 4 credits
    b. Health - ½ credit
    c. Mathematics - 4 credits (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra
    d. Physical Education - ½ credit*
    e. Science - 3 credits (Physical Science, Biology)
    f. Social Studies - 3 credits (American History, American Government)**
    g. Fine Arts - 1 credit***
    h. Electives - 5 credits****
    3. Graduating Classes of 2016 and 2017
    • Students will be required to pass all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). This test will be administered in October and March to 11th and 12th graders who have not passed all sections. Special testing will be also be offered in the summer.
    4. Graduating Classes of 2018-2019
    • New High School Graduation Requirements: All students will take the end-of-course exams in Algebra I or II, Geometry, Physical Science, American History, American Government, English I, and English II

    B. Additional information in the Program of Study
    1. Diploma with Honors
    2. Class Rank
    3. College Credit Plus
    4. Advance Placement
    5. Course Descriptions

    • APEX courses deliver a wide range of solutions for original credit, credit recovery and Common Core preparedness. APEX has standards based courses in math, science, English, social studies, and electives that meet high school graduation requirements. The website is
    A. Students can take APEX in a couple of different ways:
    1. Harding XL @Harding- This is an opportunity available for students to take make-up and/or enrichment classes online during a school period, after school, on your own time or being a student in the 1PM-5PM XL Program. The Harding XL program will be open until 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.
    2. Summer School- Summer session information coming soon.
    • Students have the option to repeat a course they have failed the following year
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