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The Marion City Schools Board of Education will hold a Regular Meeting on Monday, September 20 at 6:00 PM at Harding High School in the Cafeteria.  Masks are required for attendance, along with social distancing and other current COVID protocols. The agenda can be found after 4:00 PM Friday, September 17, 2021 at: Live streamed at:
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Interdistrict Open Enrollment

Interdistrict Open Enrollment

The Marion City Board of Education believes that students, under certain prescribed circumstances, benefit from an interdistrict open enrollment policy. Guidelines for the transfer of students, based upon criteria established by the school’s administration and in conjunction with recommendations from officials of the Ohio Department of Education are listed below. These guidelines are intended to be consistent with R.C. 3319.98 and the Board’s policy on interdistrict enrollment.

  1. Applications for interdistrict transfer (students from other Ohio school districts) to the Marion City School District for the following school year must be submitted to the Student Enrollment Center (100 Executive Dr., Marion, OH) no earlier than April 1st of the preceding year and not later than 2 weeks after the school year has started. One application must be submitted for each student who requests transfer. Parents already participating in the interdistrict transfer program will receive notification in March to reapply if they wish to continue attending the District.
  1. A student who applies for interdistrict transfer will be subject to the District Interdistrict Enrollment Guidelines.
  1. Parents who wish their student(s) to continue to attend District schools must reapply annually. However, building assignments may be changed in subsequent years should building enrollments so dictate. There is no guarantee enrollment will be granted each year.
  1. Interdistrict enrollment limits may be set by grade level or on a course-by course basis; no interdistrict transfer will be permitted if the enrollment of the grade level being requested at the receiving building exceeds appropriate limits as determined by the superintendent.
  1. Once a student is accepted for a given school year, he/she will not be displaced.
  1. With the exception of students whose parents or legal guardians are employees of the Marion City Schools, no student will be accepted after capacity limits have been reached at the student’s grade level.
  1. Enrollment in a special program, i.e., gifted, LD, CD, etc. will dictate which building a student must attend as units are placed in buildings according to space availability. The District will not institute or expand any special education programs solely to accommodate transfer students.
  1. All approved transfers are in effect for the current school year only.
  1. Applicants should be considered on a first-come, first-served basis with an assurance that resident students will not be displaced.
  1. Participants in previous programs will be given preference.
  1. Transportation shall be governed by state interdistrict open enrollment guidelines. Transportation (of non-handicapped students transferred out of their school attendance area at parental request) shall be the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians unless the student can be picked up and dropped off at a stop on the receiving schools regular transportation schedule.
  1. Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules will govern all athletic eligibility decisions.
  1. The Marion City Schools will deny enrollment to students who have been expelled or suspended for ten consecutive days in the current term or the immediately preceding year.
  1. Instances of truancy and/or misbehavior will be handled according to the Marion City Schools’ policies and procedures. Recommendations for discontinuing a student’s interdistrict placement should be recommended by the Principal to the superintendent who will render the final decision.
  1. Resident students in grades K-12 whose parents or legal guardians move from the Marion City School District into another district will be allowed to continue in the Marion City Schools for the remainder of the school year if they choose to apply for open enrollment admission.
  1. Parents of each applicant will be notified whether the student may attend the District no later than August 1. Anyone denied may be placed on a waiting list within two weeks of application.
  1. Superintendents of the home districts will be notified of their residents attending the District no later than September 30th.
  1. If the minority balance of either the sending or receiving school would be negatively impacted, the superintendent shall have individual discretion to this matter.
  1. Superintendents may waive the stated enrollment deadline should extenuating circumstances exist.

Interdistrict Open Enrollment Form

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