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Rushmore Academy

Marion City School District

Community Schools Sponsor Mission/Vision

Marion City Schools sponsors one community school, Rushmore Academy.

Sponsor Mission

To empower our sponsored school by removing barriers to procure the resources and support needed to provide the unique services, tools, and relationships that will change their students' lives.

Sponsor Vision

  • Provide the sponsored school staff with fiduciary, operational, and educational guidance and support for decision making based on qualitative and quantitative data collected and reviewed to design continuous improvement processes and quality practices.
  • Provide support to the sponsored school staff to have the skill set to ensure students obtain a personalized educational experience combining online and instructor led learning activities.
  • Provide support to the sponsored school staff to encourage student led learning models that simulate authentic meaningful experiences.
  • Provide sponsored school staff the necessary guidance and support to ensure each student receives a diploma plus the skills or credentials necessary to pursue further education, a trade, the military, or be employed at a sustainable wage.
  • Support the sponsored school staff in guiding the students' physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, by providing services and community resources to encourage stability and future successes.
  • Provide the sponsor school staff support and guidance to create opportunities to engage students in community service projects that will increase their social capital throughout the community.