Top Bar

Rushmore Academy

Marion City School District

Grant lunch menu


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Sun, Feb 24
Mon, Feb 25
Tue, Feb 26
Grant menu

1. Build a Burrito/Taco with Fajita Chicken or Taco Meat & Toppings

2. . Philly Beef Sandwich with Grilled Onions and Peppers

3. Pork Quesadilla

4. Mediterranean Bowl

Hot Vegetable: Cowboy Beans
Wed, Feb 27
Grant menu

1. Homemade Meat Loaf w/ Mashed Potato & Gravv with Roll & Butter

2. Turkey New Yorker

3. Personal Round Pizza

4. Taco Salad

Hot Vegetable: Butternut Squash

Thu, Feb 28
Grant menu

1. Baked Potato Bar with Chili, Cheese, Sour Cream, Butter, Scallions & more served with Cheesy Pretzel

2. Tex Mex Quesadilla Burger

3. Bosco & Marinara

4. Classic Chef Salad

Hot Vegetable: Steamed Broccoli
Fri, Mar 1
Sat, Mar 2
Sun, Mar 31
Mon, Apr 1
Tue, Apr 2
Wed, Apr 3
Thu, Apr 4
Fri, Apr 5
Sat, Apr 6