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PREXIE STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Grant Cook Rosemary Rose

Prexie Staff Spotlights

Welcome to our staff!

We cherish our staff at Marion City Schools for the work they do to inspire a community of achievement. Our Prexie Staff Spotlights are designed to celebrate our staff and let them say in their own words how they fulfill our mission and vision statements. It's also a chance to honor our "family" at Marion City Schools and to give you a chance to get to know them too.

Prexie Staff Spotlights

PREXIE STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Grant Cook Rosemary Rose

Rosemary RoseMeet Rosemary Rose, a cook at Grant Middle School. We are kicking off our Prexie Staff Spotlights with Mrs. Rose as we celebrate our staff at Marion City Schools.

Current Position: Cook at Grant Middle School

Years with the District: 3 1/2 years

Education: Harding High School Alumna, Class of 1970

Favorite Hobbies: Quilting and Camping (Autumn Lakes)

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? Oprah Winfrey

What songs are included in your soundtrack to life? Love Grows Where Rosemary Goes, I'm a Survivor

How do you Inspire A Community of Achievement? Our team works to provide nutritional meals for all students. We provide breakfast upon their arrival to help our students start their day off with energy and be able to focus on learning. All meals here at school help them achieve their daily goals as well as other school activities.