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Marion City Schools Quality Profile

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Dear Residents,

At Marion City Schools we believe that the key to preparing students for their future goes beyond how well students perform on tests. That’s why we focus on concepts like personalized learning and student leadership as we prepare students for success after graduation.

Throughout this publication you will learn about our plan to transform how we educate students. We call it the Four Pillars. It lays out a framework that we follow to make students college/career ready. You will read much about Diploma Plus Acceptance; our goal to make sure every student graduates with acceptance into a college or university, a job training program, the military, or a high-paying, in-demand job. You will also read about other initiatives like The Leader in Me, which empowers each student to be a leader.

We strive to make how we educate students reflect the needs of our families and our community. We involve families by inviting them to attend events like literacy nights where we share tips on how to teach children to read. We sit down at the table with community and business leaders to get their input. We partner with them to build a better community.

We hear consistently from both families and community members that students must be inspired to succeed. They must be inspired to develop a passion for learning. While test scores are important, that inspiration must go beyond just test scores.

We are doing well and seeing success in many areas. We acknowledge we aren’t where we need to be yet, but we believe in celebrating our successes as we continuously strive to improve. We encourage you to read our quality profile and learn more about where we are, where we are going and how we will get there.

We are proud of Marion City Schools and our accomplishments and we appreciate having the opportunity to share them with you.

Stephen Fujii

Superintendent of Marion City Schools