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Rushmore Academy

Marion City School District

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District Service Center

Winnie Brewer

Titles: Food service supervisor

Miles Burson

Titles: Federal and state programs director

Drew Chapman

Titles: Computer technician

Scott Croskey

Titles: Network engineer

Steve Fujii

Titles: Superintendent

Becky Gilliam

Titles: School-community relations coordinator

Sue Knotts

Titles: Federal and state programs secretary

Hueston Lauderman

Titles: Assistant Treasurer

Jennifer Lawson

Titles: Assistant Superintendent

Erin Long

Titles: Payroll

Kathy McGowan

Titles: Accounts payable

Brian Mitchell

Titles: Facilities supervisor

Kurt Moore

Titles: Communications director

Kurt Moore

Titles: Director of Communications
Departments: Communications

Stan Nicol

Titles: Director of data and research

Angie Osborne

Titles: Gifted and talented coordinator

Marcia Pitts

Titles: Compliance coordinator

Dustin Rawlins

Titles: Computer technician

Veronica Reinhart

Titles: Treasurer

Renee' Smith

Titles: Administrative assistant to assistant superintendent

Bev Swihart

Titles: Administrative assistant to superintendent

Tabatha Varner

Titles: Technology coordinator

Eric Winkler

Titles: Computer technician

Christy Wolbert

Titles: Data entry/AESOP

Amy Wood

Titles: Director of educational programs

Mariann Wright

Titles: Wellness coordnator

Vicky Wright

Titles: Food service secretary