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Marion Mentors 21

The Marion Mentors 21 program is an organization powered by the collaborative efforts of the MarionFamily YMCA, the Marion City Schools, Marion County Boys and Girls Club, Marion's United Way, Members of Marion's Faith Based Community, and Nucor Steel.

The purpose of the organization is to support the development of one-to-one relationships between a volunteer adult role model and a student who is attending the Marion City Schools. This unique relationship provides support and encouragement, and can help a young person develop the academic, social, personal, and leadership skills to foster success in their future.

The Marion Mentors 21 Program is an effective way to improve the student’s self esteem, expand their vision of opportunities, and reinforce the Leader In Me concepts presented to every student in the Marion City Schools.

What We Do

We recruit, screen, train and match volunteer mentors who work closely with the school-based site coordinator to build a caring, supportive relationship with the mentee.

Mentoring matches are encouraged to support the development of a trusting, mutually satisfying relationship as the primary goal of their time spent together at the schools site. The mentor does not replace the parent or guardian, but rather supplements the work of parents, teachers, counselors, and other social services and educational professionals to help the mentee develop self-esteem and life skills necessary to become a happy and productive member of our community.

The program supports all eight buildings that make up the Marion City Schools: Garfield, George Washington, Harrison, Hayes, McKinley, Taft, Grant, and Harding; and includes students in grades K - 12. We also support mentoring matches with Marion City School students who participate in the Boys and Girls Club after school programs.

Background Checks for Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe is a top priority. To help ensure this safety, background screens for volunteers are a necessity.

We have contracted with Background Investigation Bureau to conduct high quality background checks on our potential volunteers using their Secure Volunteer technology.

Volunteer Screening

Volunteer Commitment

• Meet with the mentee once per week during the school year. All meetings will take place at the mentee’s school during regular school hours or after school at the Boys and Girls Club.

• Agree to take a BCI/FBI background check;

• Attend mentor training and orientation sessions before meeting with the mentee;

• Attend on going mentor training and support sessions to extend your knowledge of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People;

• Attend the mentoring celebration at the end of the year;

• Participate in program evaluations as requested.

• Follow all safety guidelines and program policies.

Click Here - To apply to become a mentor in the Marion Mentors 21 Program