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Children's Development

Children develop at their own pace. Some may show new skills earlier than expected, while others may take longer.
Each step is another building block towards the child's ability to think, speak and interact with others. Here are some examples of development commonly seen with children this age:

What children can do: birth to age 1

  • Grasp objects with the whole hand;
  • Roll over, crawl and walk;
  • Point at people and things;
  • Babble, coo and begin using first words.

What children can do: 12 to 18 months

  • Play peek-a-boo;
  • Sit on your lap listening to stories;
  • Push and pull toys;
  • Follow simple directions.

What children can do: 18 to 24 months

  • Say some two-word phrases, such as More milk!;
  • Play hide-and-seek;
  • Drink from a cup;
  • Put items in a container and dump them out.

What children can do: age 2

  • Climb stairs without help;
  • Stack objects on top of each other;
  • Say, No and What’s That?;
  • Name people and things in picture books.

What children can do: age 3

  • Jump in place;
  • Turn pages of a book;
  • Say nursery rhymes and sing songs;
  • Play make-believe.

What children can do: age 4

  • Hop on one foot;
  • Draw simple shapes;
  • Make silly words and sounds;
  • Cooperate with friends and play group games.

What children can do: age 5

  • Cut on a line with scissors;
  • Catch a ball;
  • Sort objects by color, type and shape;
  • Make up jokes and riddles.

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