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Blizzard Bags

Marion City Schools has now closed seven times during the 2017-18 school year because of weather-related conditions. The first five days do not have to be made up, but the sixth and additional closures will impact students.

State law allows us to use "blizzard bags" to make up the sixth, seventh and eighth days worth of school. Blizzard bags are online lessons that may be completed at home. If a student cannot complete the lessons at home, the student's school can make alternative arrangements.

Parents/guardians must sign the completion sheet and return to the school to verify that the student has completed the lessons. If the lessons are completed at school, a teacher may sign off.

We ask parents or guardians to complete a sheet each day indicating that students have completed all assignments for that day.

If parents or guardians do not have a printer at home and cannot print the completion sheet, they can write on a piece of paper which lessons were completed and have their students return the note to school.

Please check back to this section of the website for updates. If we go beyond eight calamity days, we will release further information at that time.

Blizzard Bags Letter to Parents