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Marion City School District

About the district

Our Philosophy

Marion City Schools' mission statement is to inspire a community of achievement. While that means different things, we ultimately define that achievement for students as being prepared for success after they graduate. We came up with our Four Pillars to help them achieve that success.

Our Four Pillars follow four distinct themes including Leadership, Learning, Literacy and Legacy. We want our students to leave high school with not only their diploma but also acceptance into a two- or four-year college, an adult training program, the military, or a high-paying, in-demand job.

That's just part of what makes Marion City Schools unique in the area. We offer innovative experiences, educational options and learning programs not available in surrounding school districts. We search for ways to prepare students for not only academic success but success in college and careers as well.

Our Four Pillars


By 2023, MCS will reduce staff turnover and improve open enrollment ratio by 10%


By 2023, MCS will maintain a ‘C’ or better on all components of the Local Report Card.


By 2023, MCS will improve the school environment as measured through a reduction in discipline days (Expulsion, Out-of-School, In-School Suspension) to less than 2800 total days.


By 2023, district reading performance index score will meet state standard of “C” or better on Local Report Card.


By 2023, MCS will improve Prepared for Success component on the Local Report Card to a “C” or better.