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Rushmore Academy

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ALICE FAQ for students

Answers to questions your children may have about ALICE safety training

Can I call my parents once I get to safety? Yes, you may call your parents to let them know you are OK and where you are.

How will I reunite with my family? The police and school officials will work together to inform parents where and how to pick up students.

What do we do if we cannot evacuate? Do what your teacher tells you to do. this may include moving furniture to barricade the door or throwing items at the intruder.

Can we evacuate without a teacher? If there is not a teacher around and you can safely leave the building, you can do so. Keep running until you find a safe place.

How do I let the police know I am not the intruder? Leave the building with your hands in the air so that the police know you are not the intruder. Do what officers tell you to do.

If a student falls and gets hurt while running, can we help them? If you can quickly help the student, help them. If not, run to safety and let a police officer or responsible adult know so they can get help for the student.

Can we throw things if an intruder comes in the room? Your teacher may tell you to throw things at the intruder if the intruder comes into the classroom. You should follow the directions of your teacher or another adult in the room. Your teacher's instructions may be to distract the intruder, evacuate the room, or move items to create a barricade in front of the door.

What if we do not hear an announcement about the intruder? There may not be an announcement made or you may not be able to hear the announcement. You or your teacher may hear other things that alert you to follow the safety plan.

Can we return to the school to get our stuff? We will have to wait until the police let us know when it's safe to return to the building. This may take a day or more until the police give us the all-clear. Please be patient and do not re-enter the school until we announce that it is time.

Why can't we drive away if we have a car at the school building? Law enforcement and other first responders will be arriving quickly to respond to the situation. It is important that they have the ability to reach the building as quick as possible. Traffic leaving the school could slow down their approach.