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Marion City School District

Emergency Communications

Marion City Schools uses an emergency calling system to call parents and guardians. The system is the same one used to contact parents/guardians in the event of a school delay or closing.

The system attempts to reach each phone number up to five times if the call is put out as an announcement, which covers the majority of calls we send out using the system. If we put the call out as an emergency, it will try to reach each number up to 10 times.

We ask parents/guardians to include a phone number when they enroll their
emergency call update noticestudents in Marion City Schools or at the beginning of each school year. The system calls the first number on file.

Our system can ONLY call one number for each student, so it is crucial that we have the right number in the system.

That means it's important for parents/guardians to make sure the first number you include on the form is the number they want called in an emergency. If you have any questions regarding which number you want used during an emergency, please talk to the school secretary to make sure the right number is on file.

When deciding what number to ask us to call in an emergency, please consider who would be responding. For example, if you are a parent but work during the day and am unable to receive calls, you may want to select another relative - such as your spouse or a grandparent who helps take care of your child - as the emergency contact.