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Rushmore Academy

Marion City School District

Emergency Evacuation Plan

When students and staff evacuate a building, such as in a fire drill, they usually only leave the building temporarily. They meet in a designated area outside until school officials or the fire department say they can go back inside the school.

Marion City Schools and local law enforcement have developed a plan to reunite students with their families in the event of an emergency. Students who evacuate would be taken to the Marion County Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Marion County Fairgrounds, 220 E. Fairgrounds St., where they would stay until parents or guardians arrive.

If an emergency happens while school is in session, this is how you can help:

DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. It will be important to keep both school and home phone lines open. We will use our emergency calling system, website, social media and local news media to deliver important information.

DO NOT GO TO THE SCHOOL. Roads around the building will be blocked. There will be no way for you to pick up your student at the school. If there is increased congestion around the school, it will be harder for first responders to do their jobs.

FOLLOW FIRST RESPONDERS' DIRECTIONS. We cannot release full details of our plan for safety reasons, but we urge parents and guardians to follow the directions of law enforcement and others who will be at the coliseum. We have plans in place to make sure the building is secure and reunite you with your students.