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Grade Level Reading Tips

The National PTA gives tips on reading in its Parents' Guide to Student Success. Here are tips broken down by grade level.


  • Read with your child every day. Ask your child to explain his or her favorite parts of the story. Share your own ideas.
  • Encourage your child to tell you about his or her day at school. Keep paper, markers, or crayons around the house for your child to write letters or words or draw a picture around his or her day. Have your cihld describe the picture to you.
  • Play word games like I Spy, sing songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider, and make silly rhymes together.

First grade

  • Encourage your child to read to you books. Help him or her sound out difficult words.
  • Act out stories together from books, television, or your child's imagination.
  • Pick a "word of the day" each day starting with a different letter. Have your child write the word and look for other things beginning with the same letter.
  • Visit the library with your child every week. Have your child sign up for a library card.

Second grade

  • Read at home every day and help your child by reading every other paragraph. Encourage your child to read to younger siblings, cousins, or other children you know.
  • Have your child write thank you notes or letters to family members or friends.
  • Ask your librarian to suggest books about people or places that are important to your child or family that you can read together. Encourage your child to explain what he or she has just read.

Third grade

  • Make reading for fun a part of your child's daily routine. Set aside quiet time when your child can read for pleasure.
  • Encourage your child to find a picture from a newspaper or magazine, cut it out, paste it on paper, and write a story about it.
  • Start a family vocabulary box or jar. Have everyone write down new words they discover, add them to the box, and use the words in conversation.