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Rushmore Academy

Marion City School District

Elementary lunch


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Sun, Nov 25
Mon, Nov 26
Elementary menu

Hamburger on a bun

Three bean bake

Pickle spear

Mixed fruit

Breakfast: Blueberry effin loaf, juice, raisins, milk

Tue, Nov 27
Elementary menu

Breakfast for lunch

Confetti pancakes

Cheese omelet

Potato puffs

Orange juice


Breakfast: Breakfast sliders, banana, juice, milk

Wed, Nov 28
Elementary menu

Domino's pepperoni pizza

Romaine salad with lowfat ranch dressing

Peach cobbler


Breakfast: Pop Tart, pears, juice, milk

Thu, Nov 29
Elementary menu

Homemade chili

String cheese

Corn bread

Kiwi slices

Roll and butter


Breakfast: Mini waffles, apple, juice and milk

Fri, Nov 30
Elementary menu

Ham "Bagelet"

Apple-sweet potato bake

Fruit slush cup


Breakfast: Mini wig donuts, juice, orange, milk

Sat, Dec 1
Sun, Dec 2
Mon, Dec 3
Elementary menu

Cheeseburger on a bun

BBQ Baked Beans

Pickle Spear

Diced Pears


Breakfast: BB Elfin Loaf, Juice, Orange Wedges, Milk

Tue, Dec 4
Elementary menu

Chicken Tomato Bake

Cheesy Breadstick

Glazed Carrots

Mixed Fruit

Mixed Fruit


Breakfast: Cinnamon Breadstick, Apple, Juice, Milk

Wed, Dec 5
Elementary menu

Domino's Pepperoni Pizza

Creamy Cucumber Salad




Breakfast: B-fast Bosco, Kiwi Slices, Juice, Milk

Thu, Dec 6
Elementary menu

Shredded Chicken on a bun

Potato Rounds

Celery Sticks & Ranch



Breakfast: Fruit Yogurt Parfait, Graham Crackers, Juice, Milk

Fri, Dec 7
Elementary menu

Taco Soup

WG Corn Chips

Romaine Blend Salad

Fruit Slush Cup


Breakfast: Cereal Bar, Apple Slices, Juice, Milk

Sat, Dec 8
Sun, Dec 9
Mon, Dec 10
Elementary menu

Creamy Chicken

Over Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans, Roll & Butter

Apple Sauce


Breakfast: B-fast Sliders, Raisins, Juice, Milk

Tue, Dec 11
Elementary menu

BBQ Pork Nachos

Over WG Tortilla Chips

Salsa Cup

Refried Beans & Cheese

Blueberry Crisp, Milk

Breakfast: WG Poptart, Pears, Juice & Milk

Wed, Dec 12
Elementary menu

French Bread Pepp. Pizza

Romaine Blend Salad

Dragon Juice



Breakfast: Go Big Yogurt, Honey Grahams, Juice, Milk

Thu, Dec 13
Elementary menu

Homemade Meatloaf

Mixed Vegetables

Buttered Breadstick



Breakfast: Cereal Cup, Banana, Juice, Milk

Fri, Dec 14
Elementary menu

Fish Sandwich/Tarter Sauce

Cheesy Broccoli

Baby Carrots & Ranch

Mixed Fruit


Breakfast: Bacon Scramble,

Apple Slices, Juice, Milk

Sat, Dec 15
Sun, Dec 16
Mon, Dec 17
Elementary menu

Breakfast: Cereal Bar, Applesauce Cup, Juice, Milk

Tue, Dec 18
Elementary menu

Breakfast for Lunch!

French Toast Sticks

Sausage Patty

Sweet Potato Puffs

Orange Juice, Milk

Breakfast: B-fast Bagel, Grapes, Juice, Milk

Wed, Dec 19
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Domino's Pepperoni Pizza

Corn Casserole


Yum Yum Bar


Breakfast: Mini Waffles, Banana, Juice, Milk

Thu, Dec 20
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Turkey Supreme

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Baked Butternut Squash

Roll & Butter

Applesauce, Milk

Breakfast: Pancake on a stick, tomato juice, fruit juice, milk

Fri, Dec 21
Sat, Dec 22
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