Grant Girls Volleyball

ThursdayAug. 10Kenton MiddleAway10 a.m.
WednesdayAug. 16Cardington MiddleAway5 p.m.
WednesdayAug. 23Galion MiddleHome5 p.m.
MondayAug. 28Pleasant MiddleAway5 p.m.
WednesdayAug. 30Ontario MiddleHome5 p.m.
WednesdaySept. 6North Union MiddleHome5 p.m.
SaturdaySept. 9Cardington MiddleHome9 a.m.
MondaySept. 11Buckeye Valley MiddleAway5 p.m.
WednesdaySept. 13River Valley MiddleHome5 p.m.
MondaySept. 18Clearfork MiddleAway5 p.m.
WednesdaySept. 20Galion MiddleAway5 p.m.
ThursdaySept. 21Elgin Junior HighAway5 p.m.
MondaySept. 25Pleasant MiddleHome5 p.m.
WednesdaySept. 27Ontario MiddleAway5 p.m.
MondayOct. 2North Union MiddleAway5 p.m.
ThursdayOct. 5Elgin Junior HighHome5 p.m.
MondayOct. 9River Valley MiddleAway5 p.m.

NOTE: Sept. 9 is a four-way game with Cardington, Clearfork, Buckeye Valley and Grant