Guidance Office

School counselors at Marion Harding HS believe:

  • Every student is valuable and is treated with dignity and respect to ensure each student's academic and personal development.
  • Diversity is to be respected and appreciated. Counselors collaboratively will help establish a safe, respectful and caring environment that promotes student learning by providing a counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.
  • Every student can achieve and meet high standards that will result in college and career readiness. Counselors will do this by communicating and collaborating with their students as well as parents and teachers.
  • All students have the right to participate in the school-counseling program with a licensed professional school counselor. Counselors will manage and prioritize human and financial resources effectively to meet student and district goals.

How to meet with your counselor

Counselors are available to meet with students as needed. Students can see counselors using one of two methods.

Students can pick up an appointment sheet in between class periods in the guidance office then continue on to class. Based on availability, students will be called down as soon as possible.

Students can get a pass from their teachers in order to see their counselors during class periods. Study hall or advisory period are the preferred times to see counselors.

Harding's guidance department

Our guidance department maintains a collection of college bulletins, applications and educational directories. Financial aid, scholarships, graduate programs, and military information is available in the office. Counselors will assist seniors in completing scholarships, college applications and financial aid information.

DVD/video tapes on numerous colleges, careers and test-taking strategies are also available in the media center. The media center offers books, pamphlets and other literature relating to post-secondary education as well as vocational and military occupations. There is helpful software located in networked computers in the media center. Programs include ACT/SAT test preparation software to help students get ready for college admission tests.

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Summary of Services

Academic achievement

  • Enrollment
  • College Credit Plus
  • Individual scheduling
  • Grades and credit checks
  • Credit make-up options
  • Summer school

College/career planning

  • Career exploration
  • ASVAB testing
  • Naviance
  • College visits
  • College applications
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Military information
  • Graduation information

Personal/social growth

  • Signs of Suicide prevention

Special programs

  • Buckeye Girls and Boys State
  • HOBY
  • World Community Workshop
  • Exchange students