Advanced Career Pathways

Advance Career Pathways integrates academic and technical content to prepare students for more options after high school graduation
  • Offers opportunity for college and high school credit
  • It may lead to industry recognized credential, advanced training or an associate's degree

Career Pathway Programs

(Teachers and emails listed below each program)

  • Army Junior Reserve Office Training Course (JROTC)
    • The Military Science (JROTC) program prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as Americans. The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. Wearing the military uniform once a week is a requirement to participate and while in uniform, cadets must meet the minimum appearance standards listed in the appropriate regulation, including haircut standards.
  • Business and Finance
    • Courses in our business department are designed to provide students exposure to current computer hardware and software. There is an opportunity to earn industry credentials and certificates.
      • Nick Johnson
  • Early Childhood
    • The program is designed to prepare students for a teaching career and the classes will teach them Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards through a variety of creative, engaging and hands on activities. Students will be a part of a variety of learning experiences including classroom instruction and cooperating placement work.
  • Engineering
    • Students enrolled in Engineering courses at Harding will acquire real-world skills and applied learning experiences that empower them to gain the tools they need to thrive in college, career and beyond. Students will learn creativity, as well as problem solving skills to design new and innovative products.
  • Exercise Science
    • The program will provide knowledge and real life experiences in recognizing, initially treating and rehabilitating athletic injuries. Students will also learn about prevention of injury through the practice of proper sports nutrition, conditioning and weight training. The Exercise Science Program will help you select and prepare for a future in fitness or a variety of health related careers.
  • Global Logistics
    • This pathway enables students to practice innovative and critical thinking skills as they develop solutions to authentic logistics problems regularly face both locally and internationally. Students will learn the complexities businesses deal with in securing raw materials from distant locations, moving them across multiple borders, receiving them in various ports, transporting them to warehouses accessible through multiple modes of transportation, storing them efficiently and then distributing them to customers through networks that properly balance transit cost. This pathway provides the opportunity to earn credit and may lead to an industry recognized certification.
    • This program is for students interested in a career in health care. Students will explore a variety of healthcare careers including: nursing, radiography, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy and lab technician. Students may have the opportunity to earn certifications.
  • Information Technology
  • Courses in our business department are designed to provide students exposure to current computer hardware and software. There is an opportunity to earn industry credentials and certificates.
    • Integrated Production Technologies (IPT)
    • IPT will engage students in the innovative industry-driven technologies to imagine and design new and improved products. Great entry-level jobs leading to challenging, high -paying careers are available across the nation for students who have the academic and technical knowledge and skill sets to succeed. Students completing the program may become a National Instruments' Certified LabVIEW Association Developer (CLAD) and may earn credentials. IPT also participates in the Simulated Workplace environment.