Graduation Testing

Required Tests

1. Ohio's State Tests (end-of-course exams)

Students must take end-of-course tests in English Language Arts I and II, Algebra I, Geometry (or Integrated Mathematics), Biology or Physical Science (class of 2018 only), American History and American Government.

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ODE: Ohio State Test (OST)

  • OST testing information
  • Practice tests

Ohio State Tests information


  • OST re-testing will start Dec. 4-15
  • Tests will start in March and continue into May

OST Tests

  • Tests will be given for the following: English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science/Biology, American History and American Government
  • There are seven total tests that students have to take during their time in high school. Students can earn 1-5 points on each exam based on their performance: Advanced, 5 points; Accelerated, 4 points; Proficient, 3 points; Basic, 2 points; Limited, 1 point.
  • Students must:
    • Accumulate a minimum of 18 points from scores on all of their tests throughout high school to earn a diploma, including:
    • At least four points from their English Language Arts I and II tests
    • At least four points from their Algebra I and Geometry tests
    • At least six points from their Science, American History and American Government tests.
    Students may talk to an assistant principal or guidance counselor if they have any questions.

2. OGT – Ohio Graduation Test (Class of 2017 and earlier)

  • Students who started their 9th grade year during the 2013-2014 school year and earlier will need to pass the OGTs in order to graduate.
  • OGT testing will still occur in the fall and spring
  • Students who still need the OGT test can also take the OST tests for the certain subject they need.
  • Students may talk to their guidance counselor for questions and specific dates.

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