Reference Shelf

  1. Students are permitted to use the library during their study hall period by going directly to the library instead of going to study hall. Attendance is taken in the library.
  2. Attendance to the library is by student library pass only - which is your student I.D.
  3. Any student who must be removed from the library for disciplinary reasons will not be permitted to go to the library during school hours for a period of time depending on the severity of the offense. Students may also be denied library privileges due to poor academic standing for the remainder of a nine-week period. Students who have been denied library privileges during school hours may use the library before and after school.
  4. The library is open fifteen minutes before school and remains open until 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Students are welcome to use the library at these times.
  5. A fine will be charged for all over-due materials. Any student with an unpaid library fine may be limited in his use of the library.
  6. In fairness to others, we insist upon a quite and studious atmosphere at all times.
  7. Sixteen computers are available to study hall students. Priority will be given to students according to need.
  8. Students should find a table and be seated. There will be no table hopping.
  9. Students are to remain seated until the bell rings.
  10. When a teacher has assigned a class to the library for an assignment, the teacher is expected to stay in the library with the class to both direct and discipline the class.