Harding JROTC corps

Five Benefits of Joining JROTC

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corp gives students interested in joining the military a head start. That’s only one of the reasons to enroll in a JROTC program like the program at Marion Harding High School. Consider these benefits when deciding whether JROTC is a good fit for your student.

JROTC Cadets Enter the Military at a Higher Rank

While it’s not the only benefit, completing a JROTC program does help students advance to the military. A student who successfully completes a JROTC program can enter the service at a higher rank. That means a higher pay. Students can also enter a senior ROTC program in college at a higher rank. JROTC students, however, are under no obligation to join the military.

JROTC Teaches Students to be Leaders

JROTC programs teach students to be leaders. JROTC instructors like Lt. Col. John Espinosa at Harding seek to motivate students to be self-disciplined, respectful and responsible. These skills lead to success not only in high school but in college and adult life too. Integrity and personal accountability, traits stressed in JROTC, are among skills that students will need to compete in a diverse and global workforce.

JROTC Cadets Learn Communication and Other Needed Skills

Students enrolled in JROTC learn to think logically and communicate effectively, both in writing and talking to others. They learn the value of teamwork and how to work cooperatively with others. These skills help people thrive not only in the military but in many of today’s in-demand jobs. Employers look for these skills in employees.

JROTC Stresses Good Citizenship

Harding’s JROTC program and others focus on encouraging students to be good citizens. They are encouraged to become involved in the community by volunteering for charity organizations and find other ways to give back to their community. Not only students but the community benefits as students learn about citizenship.

JROTC Prepares Students for Graduation

Lt. Col. John Espinosa’s goal is to encourage students to understand the importance of graduating high school and consider college and other educational and employment opportunities including the military. Students learn how to study, take tests, set goals and focus. National statistics show students in JROTC tend to have better attendance, higher graduation rates and higher grade point averages than other students.

Did You Know?

Marion Harding High School is proud to be home to the only JROTC program in Marion County. The program is taught by Lt. Col. John Espinosa, an Army veteran who served the nation in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia and Kosovo and combat missions in Iraq.

Harding’s JROTC program is part of Diploma Plus Acceptance, an initiative dedicated to making sure each student who graduates has not only a diploma but acceptance into a two- or four-year college, a job training program or apprenticeship, the military or a high-paying, in-demand job.