JROTC curriculum

The Military Science (JROTC) program prepares students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as Americans. The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. The program promotes graduation from high school, and provides instructional opportunities which benefit the student, community and nation. Wearing the military uniform once a week is a requirement to participate in JROTC. While in uniform, cadets must meet the minimum appearance standards listed in the appropriate regulation, including haircut standards.

Honor credit is available for Levels IV and V JROTC course. The honor curriculum builds on previous JROTC course and focuses on short and long range planning, decision-making skills and the coordination, control and execution of cadet organization activities. It includes a research-based essay project and oral presentation. Honor students must have previously complete JROTC III, apply to and be interviewed by the JROTC Leadership Board, and be approved by the Senior Service Instructor Instructor.

Military Science has been approved as a career pathway for the Career Prep course of study. It is an elective for all other courses of study. Selective students who successfully complete 18 weeks of Army or Air Force JROTC receive credit for either Life Skills or P.E. II with approval of their guidance department and the JROTC senior instructor. The four basic Army and Air Force courses, plus add-on levels of LET V, must be completed successfully in sequence. Cadets may only take Level IV and V courses with the approval of the senior instructor.

LET I : Army JROTC I 1 Credit (Wt. 1.0)
Study leadership theory and application, foundation for success, communication/study skills, citizenship, military customs and courtesies, physical training, drill, map reading, and the history and objective of JROTC.

LET II : Army JROTC II 1 Credit (Wt. 1.0)
Study of wellness, fitness and first aid, drug awareness, ethical values and principles of good citizenship in American history and Government. Demonstrate knowledge of drill, map reading and physical training, with emphasis on methods of instruction. Prerequisite: Army JROTC I.

LET III : Army JROTC III 1 Credit (Wt. 1.0)
Study of leadership strategies, foundation of success, managing conflict, career planning, financial planning, citizenship in American history and government with continued practical work in leadership, drill, technology awareness, and methods of instruction, map reading and physical training. Prerequisite: Army JROTC II.

LET IV/V : Army JROTC IV 1 Credit (Wt. 1.0)
Demonstrate leadership potential as a role model, coach, counselor, management skill and assistant instructor. Study service to the Nation and financial planning, with continue practical work in drill, technology awareness, physical training and command and staff principles. (950421) Assist instructor in the LET level class assigned. Assist instructor in drill, physical training and inspections with a requirement to teach a minimum of one class for each subject taught for the LET level class assigned, with emphasis place on proper teaching methods and preparation of lesson plans. Normally assumed the leadership position and the responsibilities of command functions with continued practical work in drill, technology awareness, and physical training. Prerequisite: Prerequisite: JROTC III Completion of previous numerical JROTC level IV).