Health Techologies

Health Technologies is a two year program for junior and seniors interested in a career in health care. Students will explore a variety of healthcare careers including: nursing, radiography, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, lab technician. Year I will be 2 periods in length; Year 2 will be 3 periods in length, including the Medical Terminology course.



1 Credit (Wt. 1.5)

Recommendation: GPA 2.5, Biology, and Algebra I.

Requirement: No criminal record – mandatory per OhioHealth and nursing home policies.

This first course in the career field provides students an overview of the opportunities available in the healthcare industry. Students will learn fundamental skills in effective and safe patient care that can be applied across a person’s lifespan. They will also be introduced to exercise science and sports medicine, the field of biomedical research and the importance of managing health information.


1 Credit (Wt.1.5)

In this, first course students will apply knowledge and clinical skills necessary to assess, plan, provide, and evaluate care to patients in varied healthcare settings. Students will apply first aid principles and techniques needed for response to choking, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and other life-threatening emergencies. Emphasis will be placed on regulatory compliance, patient safety, pathophysiology, and medical interventions. Additionally, this course introduces psychomotor skills needed to assist individuals in meeting basic human needs.


1 Credit (Wt. 1.5)

See Science Department for Course Description. Students must have taken or be enrolled in Anatomy by the junior year.



1 Credit (Wt. 1.5)

Recommendations: Pass Anatomy and Physiology with minimum grade of D average, pass Health Science and Technology and Principles of Allied Health with minimum grade of C average, Hepatitis B vaccine.

Requirements: C average to participate in job shadow and clinical for State Tested Nursing Assistant program. This is an Ohio Department of Health Law, must pass drug test – 8 panel drug screen, no criminal record – FBI/BCI check (mandatory for clinical), must pass physical and be up to date on all immunizations (OhioHealth/MGH policy), TB test (2-step PPD)

In this course, students will demonstrate knowledge of body systems with emphasis on the interrelationships between structure and physical function. Students will analyze and evaluate how the body systems respond to physical activity, disease and aging. Students will use data acquisition software to monitor abnormal physiology and body functions (e.g., muscle movement, reflex, respiratory, and voluntary actions). Further, students will analyze descriptive results of abnormal physiology and evaluate clinical consequences.


1 Credit (Wt.1.5)

In this course, students establish and implement treatment plans while providing primary nursing care. Topics include pharmacology, phlebotomy, mental health nursing and acute care nursing. Students use diagnostic techniques to develop patient health assessments. Emphasis is placed on the synthesis of information gathered through health history, observation, and the detection of deviations and variations from normal physical characteristics. In addition, students learn the legal and ethical principles needed to function within the scope of practice.


1 Credits HS/3 Credits MTC (Wt. 2.0 CCP)

Course description through MTC.

Certifications: STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant), CPR, and First Aid.