Choosing a Pathway

The journey towards choosing a career begins in elementary school and continues through middle school. High school counselors help students continue that journey.

Students work with guidance counselors to create a career pathway to make sure they are ready for their career once they graduate from Marion Harding High School.

Career pathway goals

9th-10th grade

Students create a career pathway with guidance counselors to ensure they are taking the right high school classes to achieve their career pathway.

11th grade

Students should research careers, colleges and universities, the military and other educational/career options.

They should also take the ACT or SAT.

12th grade

Students should:

  • Apply to colleges or universities by the Thanksgiving break of their senior year.
  • Fill out the FAFSA college financial aid form. The window opens Oct. 1.
  • Start applying for scholarships in the fall. (Students can start applying for most local scholarships in December.)
  • Make their decision regarding their future (college, military, career) .
  • Graduate from high school and continue on their journey.