College Visits

Eleventh and 12th graders may take college day visits that will not count toward absences. Eleventh graders may take one college day and 12th graders may take two college days.

If you do not want to miss school, many colleges and universities have college visit days on weekends and certain holidays.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0

What the STUDENT needs to DO

1. Make an appointment for a personal visit or a scheduled campus open house with the specific college or university.

2. Fill out a college day request form available online by clicking here or in the guidance office.

  • You need to have teachers sign off for the day you will miss school.

3. Once the College Day Request Form is complete, turn it in to the guidance office at least two days before the visit.

4. When you attend your college visit make sure you receive “proof of attendance.”

  • Ask the college or university for “proof of attendance” which is usually a short letter and date of the visit.

5. When you return to Harding High School the next day make sure you turn in the “proof of attendance” in to the guidance office. Your absence will be then marked as excused.

  • All subsequent days count as absences within the nine weeks.

Note to parents/guardians: You will be called the day of the visit by Harding telling you that your student has an unexcused absent. Just make sure students turn in the “proof of attendance” and the absence will not be counted.