College Scholarships

Listed below are the scholarship opportunities for the class of 2018.

A packet of informatoin for each scholarship is located in the guidance office. Each scholarship may have different qualifications, values and requirements.

Students need to complete all the requirements for the scholarship and turn it into the guidance office prior to the scholarship deadline.

January due dates

OAASFEP Scholarship

Due Jan. 12, 2018

This scholarship is for seniors who plan to major in the field of education.

Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Scholarship

Due Jan. 24, 2018

This scholarship is for seniors who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement (grades, community service, awards.)

February due dates

Ohio State Alumni Scholarship

Due Feb. 2, 2018

Must attend OSU (any campus)

Looking for school and community involvement.

Ohio PTA

Due Feb. 23, 2018

This scholarship is based on academic achievement, school involvement, leadership and special family circumstances (financial need).

March due date

The Barbara Wright Maynard Scholarship Fund

Due March 2, 2018

For students interested in pursuing a post high school degree in nursing. Harrison (Indian Mound) Tony Caprino

Due March 2, 2018

Seniors must have attended Indian Mound Elementary School (Now Benjamin Harrison Elementary)

Marion Lecture Recital Music Club Scholarhip

Due March 3, 2018

Seniors who are going in to Music Majors.

Hayes Elementary P.T.A. Scholarship

Due March 20, 2018

Seniors must have attended Hayes Elementary (formerly Silver Street Elementary) at least 3 years.

Taft Elementary P.T.A.

Due March 23, 2018

Seniors must live in the current Elementary School boundaries as designated by the district.

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