Graduate Pathways to Success

Marion City Schools has launched an exciting program that lets high school students experience college while still in high school. The program, a partnership with Marion Technical College, lets them take college classes for free.

What makes Graduate Pathways to Success special?

Ohio’s College Credit Plus program lets any college-ready student in middle or high school take college classes. The difference with Graduate Pathways to Success is that students receive extra coaching and support along the way.

Students admitted into Graduate Pathways to Success take a summer course before their ninth grade year that prepares them to take classes at Marion Technical College. They start out their college coursework by taking two courses their ninth grade year.

Additional support is provided at the college for students enrolled in the program. Any student whose grade point average for a high school or college class falls below 75 percent receives additional help at Harding after school.

Students admitted into Graduate Pathways to Success get help choosing the right courses as the program works with students and families to create a structured academic pathway that incorporates both high school and college credits.

Transportation between the high school and college is provided for free.

What’s the benefit of Graduate Pathways to Success?

Students experience college coursework for free while still in high school. The ultimate goal is that students earn both their high school diploma and associate’s degree by the time they graduate high school.

How does Graduate Pathways to Success work?

Students take a preparatory summer course before they start ninth grade. They take two courses in ninth grade at MTC, one each semester.

They then take four courses their 10th grade year. Almost all of their courses their 11th and 12th grade years will be taken at MTC.

Credits from students’ college courses also count towards their high school diploma.

Can students earn a degree while in high school?

Yes. Students can work earn either an associate of arts degree or an associate of technical studies degree. They can also choose to earn a medical assisting certificate.

Associate of Arts Degree

The associate of arts degree includes courses that most bachelor of arts programs require and provides students with a well-rounded education. It is designed to be a cost-effective way to get a head start for students who plan to transfer their college credits and complete a four-year degree. The majority of classes focus on English, social studies, arts and humanities. A student with an associate of arts degree can also specialize in health resources, communications and business.

Associate of Technical Studies

An associate of technical studies degree in robotics and automation combines knowledge of mechanical engineering technology with knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits to design, develop, test and manufacture electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems. Work in this field often overlaps that of both electrical and electronics engineering technicians and mechanical engineering technicians.

Medical Assisting Certificate

Medical assistants are the only allied health professionals specifically trained to work in ambulatory settings like physician offices, clinics and group practices. These multi-skilled personnel can perform administrative and clinical procedures. Physicians value this unique versatility more and more as managed care compels them to contain costs and manage human resources effectively. Medical assisting continues to be one of the fastest growing occupations in healthcare.

The opportunity to offer this certificate is made possible through collaboration with Marion Technical College and OhioHealth Marion General Hospital.