Harding XL Expanded Learning

Credit Recovery to Meet Student’s Needs

Harding XL is dedicated to helping students at risk of not achieving academic success. We believe that every student can succeed and reach his or her full potential. We respect each student as an individual and are committed to providing an atmosphere where every student can learn and develop the skills necessary to be successful upon graduation.

The program is led by Harding XL coordinator Anna Tinnerello.

Our mission

The mission of Harding XL is to provide extended learning opportunities focused on promoting academic achievement, college and career readiness and service learning for at-risk students.

The staff work with most students between 1-5 p.m. Students are enrolled in Apex, an online curriculum, to earn credits to graduate. The flexible schedule allows for students to get support they need during class time while balancing the needs of their family and obligations outside of school including maintaining a job.

We provide wrap around services to meet needs that may not be academic in nature but are meant to strengthen and support our students to build confidence and skills in their preparation for the real world. Examples include classes for students to learn how to find employment and prepare for the world of work. Job readiness is offered as a seven-session class provided by Goodwill Industries.

We also partner with organizations such as Turning Point to learn more about building healthy relationships. Marion City Schools’ Food Service and Wellness Departments and other community programs such as Farm to Family work collaboratively with Harding XL to offer classes to help build life skills.

The role students play

Our students play a large role in shaping Harding XL. We value each student as an individual and our goal is to strive to help them in their journey to success. We encourage our students to take ownership of the program to guide delivery of services they need.

Credit recovery

Staff work with each student in Harding XL to put together a success plan that identifies academic and personal goals.

The program offers students:

  • A flexible learning environment including online and teacher-led instruction
  • Ability to earn credit to graduate from high school with a diploma
  • Small class sizes to meet individual needs of students
  • Academic support from licensed teachers and additional support staff

Family engagement

Parents/caregivers play a vital role in the development of our programming and services. We work closely with families to make sure we meet the needs of every student.

Parents/caregivers contribute to the success plans for their students and are encouraged to participate in the after-school activities to not only support the student but to support the family as well.

For more information

If you would like to learn more about Harding XL, or see how you may get involved, please contact us at 740-223- 4683 or email atinnerello@mcspresidents.org.