Simulated Workplace

Marion City Schools and Rushmore Academy have launched a new initiative, Simulated Workplace, with the goal of transforming traditional career technical education students into work-ready employees.

A simulated workplace classroom gives career technical education students experiences similar to what they would have in the workplace. Students create mock companies, allowing them to learn as though they were on the job. The simulated companies must meet the same quality and productivity standards as a real-world company as students take ownership of their learning and performance in the classroom.

Local business and industrial representatives are invited to rate each training program’s work environment, safety, procedures, processes and skill set attainments. Simulated workplace classrooms give the the opportunity to help develop better training programs that can build the workforce they will need in the future. They get to speak with students who may eventually make up their workforce of tomorrow.


  • Present curriculum in a relevant and purposeful manner
  • Place business and industry processes directly into the career technical programs
  • Incorporate foundational skill sets to ensure all students are college and career ready
  • Issue locally recognized drug-free certificates
  • Issue locally recognized leadership certificates

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