Simulated Workplace

Rushmore Academy is proud to be one of the first Simulated Workplace schools in Ohio.

With funding from Ohio’s Straight A Fund Program, Rushmore Academy is the first school in Ohio to offer students the opportunity to participate in Simulated Workplace. Partnering with Kent State University’s Research Center for Educational Technology, Rushmore Academy’s staff will be trained in digital workplace simulations with the goal of replicating this program throughout the state.

Simulated Workplace is a unique and innovative program that introduces students to various business processes traditionally found in real-world business environments. This new educational initiative has been designed to enhance the career technical education programs by giving students exposure to authentic workplace experiences such as the interview process, workplace behavior, drug testing, safety procedures, work ethic, attendance and professionalism.

Students learn modern workplace requirements and industry best practices through immersion in student-led companies presented in a project based learning environment. The Simulated Workplace model transforms the traditional classroom into a student-led company that mimics an actual workplace allowing students to enhance their skills in a risk- free environment.

The Simulated Workplace program is tightly integrated with local businesses to help identify and duplicate the business practices and protocols students will encounter when they enter the workforce. Rushmore students will now have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is similar to how many businesses and work forces operate - preparing them for the expectations that employers have, including work skills, social skills and business culture.