Rushmore has a very diverse student population from all demographics spanning varying levels of academic abilities. To be successful core academic areas we’ve found our students need a unique combination of wrap around support services including work opportunities, a tailored blended approach to core curriculum and a connection between industry partners and career technology programs through the implementation of the simulated workplace model.

This approach is quickly manifesting into a micro-community rich with authentic learning focused on the school adjusting their approaches to the student needs while also providing them the relationships and skills needed to fulfill workforce expectations. The school utilizes the GradPoint Learning Management System curriculum to track student progress and provide a blended approach to instruction in the learning lab and the direct instruction rotations.

Each student schedule is individualized to work for their unique educational pathway and the school assists with life situations such as teenage parenting, full and part time work (often provided by partnerships with the school and community), home life, credit deficiencies, substance abuse, probation and many other individualized situations which make it difficult to attend and/or succeed at a traditional high school.


At Rushmore Academy teachers and students create a Personalized Learning experience for each student depending on the credits that they enroll with, their learning style, their work ethic and the skills they need to succeed.

The components:

  • Four hours of teacher facilitated learning daily
  • 2 hours of academic work housed online with direct instruction support
  • 1 ½ hours of Career Technology Education
  • ½ hour of learning labs where students get support from teachers for online coursework
  • 8 Highly Qualified core instructional teacher with class sizes of less than 15 students.
    • 2 Science
    • 2 History
    • 2 Math
    • 2 English Language Arts
  • 4 Tutors in to work specifically with Seniors who have teachers licenses
  • Senior Students have access to core teachers and tutors to help them complete credit recovery and coursework through a self paced, individualized approach.
  • Sophomores and Juniors rotate through Math, Science, English and Social Studies required courses with highly qualified teachers who provide direct instruction in the core subject areas for ½ hour a day.
  • Freshman are in a self contained classroom which is an optimal environment for co-teaching, cross curricular instruction, workforce readiness preparation, and acclimation to a high school level curriculum and social skills.
  • All students are expected to work for 5.5 hours a week online outside of their brick and mortar learning hours. This is monitored utilizing the GradPoint LMS reporting system and reviewed weekly.
  • Students who are not meeting their learning hours are contacted, put on the home visit list for Fridays, and plans are put into place to ensure that they will get back on track.
  • GradPoint Learning Management System as Foundation
  • Prescriptive courses for credit recovery
  • Online Content with Instructional Support
  • Project Based Learning within Career Technology Education
  • Self contained cross curricular models for freshman