Retail/Marketing Services

Program Overview

he Retail/Marketing Services program will train students in basic retail and marketing functions, and will introduce strategies used to merchandise and sell products effectively in both traditional brick-and-mortar (physical) stores and emerging online stores. Students will learn basic sales and marketing techniques, customer service, business etiquette, marketing strategies, promotions, inventory control, marketing math, merchandising techniques, and store operations. Students will also be introduced to basic digital marketing and social marketing activities to support both physical and online stores.

Career Opportunities

Customer Service
Store Manager
Product Management
Digital Marketing
Sales Associate
Webpage Development
Social Media
Graphic Design

Simulated Workplace

Students will create their own simulated company where every employee (student) will have a specific position within the company. The simulated workplace environment permits students the opportunity to take ownership of their individual performance as it impacts the overall success of their education, while thriving in an authentic workplace culture. Simulated Workplace also encourages local business and industry experts to join onsite review teams to assist schools in meeting their workforce needs and expectations.

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