Online CTE Programs

Our online Career Technical Education (CTE) Online Programs provide a variety of additional career options for Rushmore Students that may want to explore opportunities other than our hands-on CTE programs. Working with our instructors, our innovative online learning programs allow for individualized learning settings and challenging curricula that’s geared toward your technical career goals.

For more information on our online CTE programs listed below, please see Ms. Jessica Jerew, Rushmore Academy School Counselor.


In this course, students learn about the development and maintenance of agriculture, animal systems, natural resources, and other food sources. Students also examine the relationship between agriculture and natural resources and the environment, health, politics, and world trade.


This course provides an introduction to the basics of cosmetology. Students will explore career options in the field of cosmetology, learn about the common equipment and technologies used by cosmetologists, and examine the skills and characteristics that make someone a good cosmetologist. Students will also learn more about some of the common techniques used in caring for hair, nails, and skin in salons, spas, and other cosmetology related businesses.


Student explore law enforcement, the courts and the correctional system. They study what crime is, how crime is measured, and theories of crime causation. They also examine issues and challenges within the criminal justice system and its future directions.


In this course, you will learn all about food including food culture, food history, food safety, and current food trends. You’ll also learn about the food service industry and try your hand at preparing some culinary delights. This course will help you hone your cooking skills and give you the opportunity to explore careers in this exciting industry.


The Digital Photography course focuses on the basics of photography, including building an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, lighting, and composition. Students will be introduced to the history of photography and basic camera functions.


This course provides the historical, theoretical, and developmental foundations for educating young children, with emphasis on creating inclusive environments and curricula for diverse children and their families. Topics include historical influences, program types, guidance strategies, professionalism, current trends and issues, and advocacy.


The student will explore programming fundamentals, basic problem solving, variables and assignments, math, conditionals, control flow, methods and functional abstraction, objects and data abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism, exception handling, graphical user interfaces, and external libraries. The student will use Sun’s Java™ programming language throughout this course.


Students are introduced to common management philosophies and issues in today’s changing world. Topics of study include globalization, ethics, diversity, customer service, and innovation from a managerial perspective.


In this course, you’ll learn about the types of manufacturing systems and processes used to create the products we buy every day. You’ll also be introduced to the various career opportunities in the manufacturing industry, including those for engineers, technicians, and supervisors. If you thought manufacturing was little more than mundane assembly lines, this course will show you just how exciting and fruitful the industry can be.


Students explore factors influencing how marketing decisions are made, including the impact of marketing decisions on an organization and its customers. They gain a working knowledge of practical marketing and business vocabulary. They also evaluate how the actions of competitors influence marketing decisions in the global marketplace.


Students explore the role of the medical assistant, including professionalism, duties and responsibilities, and medical specialties. Also included is information on medical law and ethics, office management, and compliance and regulatory issues affecting the role of the medical assistant.


Taking a look at the pets that live in our homes, on our farms, and in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, this course will examine some of the common diseases and treatments for domestic animals. Through veterinary medicine and science, the prevention and treatment of diseases and health issues is studied and applied.

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