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Introducing a new blended learning platform that aims to achieve success by offering individualized learning environments. MCS Blended Learning program is a progressive choice for families that focuses on expanded educational services. We are proud to offer an online curriculum coupled with a lab opportunity. Our highly qualified staff is committed to offering ALL students the best education experiences possible. 

Enrollment in the MCS Blended Learning program provides:

• A full-time K-12 online public school program leading to a high school diploma.
• Accredited courses aligned to state and national standards.
• Online learning for individualized pacing.
• 24-hour resources - access your learning materials online any time.
• Self-directed study to identify the things you’re good at and the areas where you might need direction - opportunity to take charge of your own learning.
• Monitoring and assistance by highly qualified local teachers.
• Individual attention and tutoring on a regular basis.
• Face-to-face labs minimum of 5 hours per week.
• Participation in all Marion City Schools extracurricular activities, including athletics, clubs, band, choir, etc.

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