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Inspiring a Community of Achievement



Marion City Schools lives its mission of inspiring a community of achievement every day in every classroom and learning space. Every student is provided with the opportunity and empowered to participate and learn in an innovative, rigorous, and supportive environment.  As soon as students enter our school doors, they are given personalized instruction to meet their needs and ensure they master all of the foundational skills and knowledge critical to their future success.  Our intentional approach to literacy is often highlighted by the Ohio Department of Education and we have received numerous grants to continue to support student success.  Marion City Schools has also led the way in the state of Ohio with career pathway development by building strong community partnerships that help students graduate with experience, credits and credentials to ensure they are enrolled in post-secondary education, employed in a well-paid position, or enlisted in the armed services.  Marion City Schools’ intentional approach to instruction, community partnerships, and innovation ensures that all students have the opportunity to achieve success within our schools and beyond. You can find more information on our academic opportunities and programs by clicking on the different sections to the left.

Whole Child Pilot District Spotlight (May 16, 2023)
Featured Speaker:  Marion City Schools and Scioto Valley Local School District

May's webinar featured two of the Whole Child Professional Learning Pilot Sites, Marion City Schools and Scioto Valley Local School District. A panel of speakers shared the whole child vision and action steps for each district. The speakers shared each communities' unique challenges and coordinated efforts among internal and external partners to meet the needs of each child. 

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