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Instructional Technology Resources

Marion City Schools Landing Page

Access the Marion City Schools Landing Page here to access a variety of student websites and links. By clicking the "Elementary," "Grant," or "Harding" at the top, you'll find content specific to the appropriate grade levels. To access, please sign in with your student's school Google account.


  • Where can I get my Parent Access Code for PowerSchool?

Please contact your school secretary. They can provide you with your child's code and provide your access.

  • Where can I get my Parent Access Code for Schoology?

Please contact your school secretary. They can help you get that code.

  • Who can I call for technology assistance?
     District Helpdesk number- 740-206-9804 (select option 2)

Accessing Digital Content Through Clever

Much of the digital content that MCS uses is rostered through a program called Clever.  There are multiple ways to access Marion City's digital content at home, check out our Home Access to Learning Programs guide or follow the directions below:

  • Visit the MCS Landing Page or go directly to the Clever website

  • Login in by clicking on the “Sign in with Google” button

  • Use the student’s Google Username and Password.

  • Once you get into Clever you will see the apps that have been rostered to your student.

Accessing Assignments Through Schoology

Schoology is our Learning Management System. Teachers are able to digitally assign materials to students through this platform as well as share information. Here we have provided some helpful videos to help navigate Schoology. 
Welcome To Schoology- Introductory video for parents using Schoology

Reconnecting Google Drive in Schoology- Troubleshooting Google Drive issue when assignments are not displaying properly in Google.

Welcome to the MCS Landing Page- Introductory video explaining our district portal

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