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Prescribed medications
Students who take prescribed medication during the school day must comply with the following guidelines:

A. Parents should, with the physician’s counsel, determine whether the medication schedule can be adjusted to avoid administering medication during school hours.

B. The appropriate form must be filed with the respective building principal before the student will be allowed to begin taking any medication during school hours or to use an inhaler to self-administer asthma medication. Such forms must be filed annually and as necessary for any change in the medication.

C. All medications must be registered with the nurse’s office and must be delivered to school in the containers in which they were dispensed by the prescribing physician or licensed pharmacist.

D. Medication that is brought to the office will be properly secured. Except as noted below, students may not bring medication to school. Students may carry emergency medications, for allergies and/or reactions, or asthma inhalers during school hours. Students are strictly prohibited from transferring emergency medication or inhalers to any other student for their use or possession.

E. Any unused medication unclaimed by the parent will be destroyed by school personnel when a prescription is no longer to be administered or at the end of the school year.

F. The building nurse will maintain a log noting the administration of all medications. This log will be maintained a long with the physician’s written request and the parent’s written release.

G. Students will be permitted to carry and use epinephrine auto injectors (EpiPens) with the written approval of the prescribing physician and the student’s parents. Parents must provide backup medication to the school. The physician’s statement must state (among other things) that the student is capable of self-administering the drug. Law requires that emergency medical services be called whenever epinephrine is administered.

Non-prescribed medications
If a student is found using or possessing a non-prescribed medication without parent authorization, the student will be brought to the assistant principal’s office and the parent contacted. The medication will be confiscated until written authorization is received.

Any student who distributes medication is in violation of the school’s code of conduct and will be disciplined in accordance with the drug-use provision.

A student may possess and use a metered dose inhaler or a dry powder inhaler to alleviate asthmatic symptoms or before exercise to prevent the onset of asthmatic symptoms at school or any activity, event, or program sponsored by or in which the student’s school is a participant if the appropriate form is complete and on file in the nurse’s office. A student who is authorized to possess and use a metered dose or dry powder inhaler may not transfer possession of any inhaler or other medication to any other student.
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