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Episode List

Harding Government/Financial Literacy Teacher and ESsports Coach, Chris Harmon, joins the podcast to discuss the brand new ESports program at Harding High School.
In honor of National Developmental Disability Awareness Month, Harding High School Transition Coordinator, Jackie Strasser joins the podcast to discuss the opportunities available for our students with disabilities.
Lieutenant Colonel John Espinosa and Master Sergeant John Renner stop by to talk about our JROTC program at the middle and high school levels for Marion City Schools.
The new Assistant Superintendent, Olympia Della Flora, joins the podcast to discuss taking this pivotal role with Marion City Schools and the challenges and successes so far into her tenure with the district.
This week, our guest is Band Director Mr. Jacob Hartman and a couple of his band members (Mateusz, Noelani), who join us to talk about the band.
Agribusiness Pathway Teacher, Brenna Loxley, joins the podcast to talk about Harding's brand new Agriculture program and the new Microfarm that students are able to take advantage of.
In this episode we are joined by the College and Career Readiness team to learn all about student preparation for that "Next Step" after high school.
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Nicole Uline, joins us to talk in detail about the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. If your students are in middle school and planning to go on the trip this is a must listen!
Curriculum Supervisor, Lisa Oberdier, joins the podcast to discuss upcoming summer learning opportunities as well as the newly adopted K-5 curriculum, CKLA.
Grant Middle school STEM/Robotics teachers Jessica Creamer and Kristin Tope join the podcast along with four of their students, Jakob, Reagan, Lydia and Leah, to talk about the program and their upcoming World competition.
College & Career Pathways Supervisor, Marcia Pitts, joins the podcast to talk about our Career Pathways Program.
Part of our Enrollment team, Susan Rockwell and Trisha Taynor join us to walk families through the process of enrollment with Marion City Schools. Learn how to become a Prexy today!
Preschool Supervisor, Kevin Hainer, joins the podcast to talk about all things Preschool and the upcoming enrollment dates for the 2022-2023 school year.
Mr. Johnnie Jackson, the Diversity and Equity Supervisor for the district, joins us to discuss the many initiatives currently underway in Marion City Schools to help culture and preserve a sense of belonging for our students and our staff.
Harding High School Director of Choirs, Harding Singers, Singers Xtreme, and Musicals, Mrs. Jami Rawlins, returns to recap the success of the music program for the first half of the school year and look ahead at what's next.
In this episode we talk with Withrow High School Principal, Todd Schneider, about the amazing opportunities available to students in the career tech field.
Olivia Davis, Business and Marketing teacher at Harding High School, discusses her students recent Social Impact Challenge project where students created app prototypes in partnership with Apple.
Lisa Morgan, 21st Century Program Manager, discusses the free after school program for students and families and how everyone can get involved.
McKinley Elementary Principal, Julie Kenney, discusses a typical day at McKinley, the biggest challenges facing our schools after COVID, milestone events for elementary students and what parents can't look forward to for the rest of the year.
Miranda Werner, Grant Middle School Choir Director, talks about the joys and challenges of teaching music to younger students, directing the middle school musical and the upcoming Choir Concert.
This episode features Harding High School Director of Choirs, Harding Singers, Singers Xtreme, and Musicals, Mrs. Jami Rawlins talking about the upcoming musical on November 12-14 and the incredible music program at Harding High School.
Harding High School Principal, Jen Musbach-Wellman, talks about the first quarter of the school year and discusses the many opportunities available for high school students.
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