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Resident Educator

Resident Educator Program

The Ohio Resident Educator Program began in 2011 as a  four year residency program for new teachers on the pathway to their professional license.  Ohio Revised Code 3319.223 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-24-04 provide the basis for the Ohio Resident Educator Program.  

In Marion City Schools, the Resident Educator Program is as follows:

Year 1: 1-1 Mentorship 

Year 2: Cohort

Year 3: Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) 

Year 4: Leadership Exploration 

Teachers are eligible for their professional license after successful completion of the RESA along with other program requirements.  

Resources for Resident Educators: 

Ohio Resident Educator Program Website:

Ohio RESA Resource Website:

Program Coordinator:

Lisa Morgan


[email protected]

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