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Transportation Facts

Facts About Transportation Department

- There are currently 30 school buses in Marion City Schools' fleet and 27 full-time driver positions.
- There is a mechanic and mechanic helper that currently maintains and services our entire fleet.
- Each bus has annual inspection performed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol as well as spot inspections throughout the year.

Extra Rider Procedure

We realize that at times your student may need to get on or off at a different stop or have a friend go home with them. Should this be the situation, the following procedure must be followed or transportation will be denied. Requests may also be denied based on over-crowded buses.

  • A note needs to be written by a parent or guardian stating the name of the student and where the student is to get on or off.
  • The student needs to have a principal or assistant principal sign the note and present the note to the driver before entering the bus.
These steps need to be done before the end of the day in order for the student to ride the bus that day. The bus has a schedule to maintain and can not wait for the student to get the note signed.

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently allowing extra riders on a case by case basis.  Parent or guardian will need to contact the transportation office at 740-223-4398 prior to any special arrangements being made.  

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