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The Marion City Schools Preschool Program has adopted and uses the Creative Curriculum, Read It Again, Second-Step and Every Day in Pre-K Math. All programs are research based and aligned with the state's early learning and development standards.

Creative Curriculum combines the latest research and the freshest ideas into a forward-thinking approach to learning - one that honors creativity and respects the role that teachers play in making learning exciting and relevant for every child in their classroom.

Read It Again Pre-K focuses on the skill areas of narrative, vocabulary, print knowledge, and phonological awareness. A national panel of research scientists reviewing over 200 studies found these skills to be among the most important in preparing young children for later success in reading.

Second-Step Social Emotional Curriculum focuses on friendship skills, emotional recognition, problem-solving skills training and social and anger coping skills training.

Every Day in Pre-K: Math presents connections across several math strands daily that enhances transfer of learning.

Progress reports
Your child's developmental progress will be reported to parents at established intervals throughout the school year. A conference involving the teacher and parent shall be held at least twice a year. Also, throughout the year your child's teacher will be glad to meet with you to discuss your child's needs, concerns, and progress at a time convenient to both parties.
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